Combination Calf and Steer Roping Chute

Red River Arena's steer and calf roping chutes are the longest lasting and heaviest roping chutes on the market. Red River Arena’s steer and calf chutes are both constructed from galvanized 14 gauge sheet metal and 14 gauge steel tubing. Many PRCA cowboys, such as Tyler Magnus and J.W. Harris, have purchased Red River Roping chutes for their practice arenas at home. Both roping chutes come with a 5 year warranty. Ropers have depended on Red River Arena’s for over 20 years for a dependable and affordable roping chute for their personal roping arenas.

  • Front gates lock in open position to prevent gates from bouncing back.
  • Operator can open & close front gates from one position.
  • Solid release (spring loaded), solid V-bottom, finger gates to eliminate hanging horns. Rear gate is a bi-fold door .
  • Complete chute is designed for one person to operate.
  • Reverse or double release latch available.
  • Also available with electric gate opener.
  • Approx. weight is 600 lbs.
  • Don't let the sands of time diminish your roping chute! With Red River Arena's all galvanized roping chute your new roping chute is designed to last for many years. Red River Arena’s roping chute is constructed from 14 gauge 2" galvanized square tubing and 14 gauge galvanized sheet metal. The combo steer and calf roping chute measures 6’4” long, 5’ tall, and 32” wide OD and 28” wide ID and weighs approximately 600 pounds. The front gates on the roping chute are spring loaded to open quickly so there is minimal delay between when the steer is called for and when the chute opens. Red River Arenas also features gates on the roping chute so there is a smooth area to keep the steers horns from catching on the gate when leaving the chute. Once open, the front gates lock in the open position to prevent steers from hanging up in the chutes giving ropers a smooth start from the box. Red River Arenas roping chute design includes a solid V-bottom that narrows down to a 9” space at the bottom of the chute to help prevent steers and calves from turning around. Red River Arena’s bi-fold rear gate safely keeps the steer in your chute while waiting for the run and features a chain lock to keep upcoming steers from pushing through. Red River Arena’s roping chutes are designed for one person to operate and can be special ordered with a reverse or double release latch. Red River Arena’s offers a remote opener made by Lone Roper so headers and heelers can rope by themselves without ever having to dismount.



    Roping Chute Scoring Lane

    For both calf and steer.

    The offset lane slows the calf or steer down when coming out of the chute.
    This Horse Training Roping Chute Scoring Lane is the best scoring lane on the market endorsed by top team roping pros. Sits out in front of your roping chute.




    Head/Heel Box

    The Head and Heel Boxes are Designed so that horse may not rest on butt bar and must stand on all 4 legs.



    Head/Heel Box Pads

    When using panels for a Head and Heel Box, these Pads can be used to help protect you and your horse from the steers.



    Sheet Metal Leadups

    Sheet Metal lead-ups are 10' long 5' tall and are covered with 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal up to 30". These lead-ups also come standard with a built in no back block and are designed to make the flow of cattle into the chute easier



    Steer Stripping Chute

    Stripping chute is designed to be able to operate from your horse.



    Calf Roping Chute

    Red River Arena’s all galvanized calf roping chutes are designed to let the calf roper have a smooth, easy practice. Red River Arena’s calf roping chute is constructed from 14 gauge 1” galvanized square tubing and 14 gauge galvanized sheet metal.

  • Solid (Spring-loaded) release.
  • Open & close gates from one position.(One person operation).
  • Side pull scissor style tailgate.
  • Made from 1” 14 gauge tubing.
  • Accommodates calves up to 350 lbs.
  • The calf roping chute measures 4‘ long, 4’ tall, and 14” wide and weighs approximately 300 pounds. The front gates on the calf roping chutes are spring loaded to ensure a quick start and currently release quicker than any other calf chute on the market. Calf chute roping chutes are designed for one person operations and give the operator the ability to operate the front and rear gates from one position. The tail gate on the calf chute is a scissor style tail gate which is easy to open and close and prevents calves from sneaking into the chute during the run. This all galvanized calf roping chute will accommodate calves up to 350 pounds. Red River’s calf chute keeps calves up front and will let you get the start you want, like a rodeo run.



    Bucking Chute

    Red River Arenas bucking chutes are made with the rough stock cowboy in mind. Red River teamed up with Ty Murray in 1993 and designed a chute that is safe for the rider and the bull.

  • Top Hand bucking chutes are made from all schedule 40 steel pipe.
  • Sheet metal is 14 gauge with standard 2x lumber filling the slide gate.
  • Measures 8’ 5”long, 6’6”tall, 40” O.D. & 33 1/2” I.D.
  • Optional 4’ walk ways are available.
  • Chutes available for right hand or left hand operation.
  • Weighs approximately 1100 lbs.
  • Slide gates on the front or back of the chute are mounted on ball bearing rollers with locks to make loading the bulls in the chutes as effortless as possible. Gates also feature 2x boards to ensure the safety of the bulls. Chutes are designed to be permanent or portable (with use of forklift).


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